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Frequently asked questions about Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields

Question: Is it effective ? Is it safe?

PEMF has been used in Europe for over 40 years. The FDA has approved PEMF for bone healing and depression.

Question: What does the machine do?

Short Answer : It produces a variable pulsating electromagnetic field, which improves cellular metabolic function.

Long Answer:

The Cells within this variable pulsating electromagnetic field are being exercised and the cells that have low energy can be felt as a mild discomfort or slight pain. Higher energy cells are being exercised but may not be felt.

While these low energy cells are exercised they are beginning to have toxins permeate out their membranes and therefore the PEMF unit helps to detoxify cells.

The PEMF unit also increases blood circulation and oxygen flow to the cells which helps the cell to function at a higher metabolic efficiency.

The PEMF technology has been known to help detoxify and increase the flow of lymphatic fluids. PEMF replaces a healthy energy charge into the interior of the cell membrane that raises cellular energy so the cell can heal itself faster. While many technologies can affect the interstitial fluids, pulsed electromagnetic fields can influence and charge the interior parts of the cell including the nucleus and the mitochondria (the power house of the cell).

PEMF's are like a spark plug or catalyst for energy production in the cell. Just like a car needs oxygen, fuel and an ignition, so does the human cell need fuel (glucose), oxygen, and an increase in cell voltage, which can be viewed as the ignition. This ignition is PEMF or pulsed magnetic energy. We can also think of PEMF as a battery re-charger for the human cells. We now know that the voltage of a healthy cell is about -70 millivolts. When we get sick or have damaged cells, these cells have been known to operate at 30 - 15 millivolts or less in cases of cancer. Pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF) act like a catalyst and battery re-charger for human cells and these PEMF's are critical for human metabolism.
PEMF's also improve microcirculation, oxygenation (up to a 200% increase), help in nerve regeneration,  stimulate bone fusion, pain management and many other health promoting benefits. There are over 1000 clinical studies and over 7000 research papers validating the therapeutic benefits of PEMFs.

What causes painful joints?
Painful joints are generally caused by inflammation usually due to strain, injury, or infection in the joints and is experienced as pain and stiffness. Often the inflammation is a response to a disease process like arthritis, a degenerative disease of the joints that commonly occurs in aging.
How can PEMF help?
Pulsing electromagnetic fields induce electrical changes around and within the cell that improves blood supply, increases the oxygen pressure, activating repair and regeneration of the damaged cells. Increased calcium transport across the cell membrane stimulates the repair and growth of cartilage. This allows for better transport of nutrients and more efficient removal of inflammatory fluids and decreases the pain, sometimes dramatically. The application of PEMF therapy in the area of painful joints once or twice a day for 30 minutes will help stimulate healing and reduce swelling and pain.
Doctors in the USA have used PEMF (Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field) since 1978 when it was officially authorized by the American Food & Drug Administration (FDA) to help the healing of severely broken bones. Over the past few years, research has shown that its effectiveness not only helps the healing of fractured bones but it also can significantly reduce pain and accelerate the healing of soft tissues and cartridge in joints.

Sports Injuries
with any type of sports injury, including and not limited to a pulled hamstring, torn muscle or fractured bones, PEMF therapy significantly reduces pain and inflammation while stimulating a faster recovery. Pulsing electromagnetic fields induce electrical changes around and within the cell that improves blood supply and nutrients, increases the oxygen available to the cells, activating repair and regeneration of the damaged cells.
When applied to the injured area Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field (PEMF) causes a relaxation of the smooth muscle walls of capillaries improving blood flow and oxygenation. This allows for better transport of nutrients and more efficient removal of inflammatory molecules. The result is a reduction in swelling and bruising and significant increases the rate of repair of damaged tissue.
In addition, PEMF facilitates cellular detoxification by providing the body with a proprietary combination of beneficial, broad spectrum electromagnetic energy. This results in heightened energy levels and increased capacity to recover rapidly from strenuous workouts. Additionally, users have come to rely on PEMF sessions to combat common side effects of strenuous exercise, including chronic fatigue, and strained or injured muscles and joints.  . 


Athletic Performance
PEMF can be highly beneficial to serious athletes who are looking to get the most out of their body. By exposing muscles to Magnacharger-PRO pulsed electronic magnetic field (PEMF) natural chemicals are released that promote cells to recover. Among the growing list of current users are professional basketball teams, world champion motorcycle riders and world-class cyclists. Several high-profile national swim teams, track and field stars, and Olympic athletes are using PEMF technology as an integral part of their training and recovery regimen.

What causes tennis elbow?
Tennis elbow is inflammation of and degeneration tendon that attaches the bone on the outside of the arm. This usually occurs from overuse or repetitive stress. It is one of a whole spectrum of injuries called Repetitive Strain Injury or RSI.
RSI includes tendonitis of the hand or wrist to carpal tunnel syndrome. This can usually be associated with repetitive work and overuse of the tendons.

How can PEMF help?
PEMF therapy can penetrate skin, fat, muscle, bone to deliver high frequency energy directly to the tendons that are usually central to the cause of the inflammation and pain. This electrical energy is specifically shaped and tuned to induce electrical changes around and within the cell that improves blood supply, increases the oxygen pressure, activating and regenerating cells. Increased calcium transport stimulates the repair and growth of cartilage while at the same time decreasing pain dramatically. PEMF therapy is drug free and proven to amongst the safest treatments available for Tennis elbow and other repetitive strain injuries. PEMF therapy works best on RSI injuries when used regularly as the treatments have a cumulative effect.

What causes swelling and bruising?
Swelling and bruising are caused by injury to soft tissue caused by an impact injury or surgery. When injured, the cells' electrical charges cannot maintain and as a result of injury, your body also releases chemical signals that cause inflammation, swelling, bruising, and pain as an adaptive response.
How can PEMF help?
PEMF therapy treats the cellular source of swelling by recharging the cells with a mild electromagnetic current. This stops the release of pain and inflammatory mediators, reduces inflammatory fluids and allows an increase in blood flow to help the cells heal faster by reducing swelling, pain, and inflammation.
In America therapy very similar to PEMF therapy is used daily to reduce swelling and bruising after plastic surgery.

What causes poor blood circulation?
Poor circulation is most commonly caused by a progressive blocking of the arteries in the leg (athersclerosis). Those with diabetes are more likely to develop poor circulation to the foot. Other risk factors for developing poor circulation include a lack of physical activity, smoking, high blood pressure and high cholesterol.
Some of the symptoms include:
* Claudication (this is a dull cramping pain in the calf muscle that comes on after walking a certain distance - it is relieved by rest).
* Numbness or tingling in the foot, or toes can occur.
* Changes in the color of the skin (it becomes more pale, bluish, or reddish).
* Changes in skin temperature (the foot becomes cooler. See cold feet).
* Skin breakdowns, infection and sores do not heal as well as they should.

How can PEMF help?
Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field (PEMF) complementary therapy creates a magnetic field that penetrates skin, fat, muscle, bone to deliver a mild energy charge that helps the ions in the blood to move more freely in the direction of the blood flow. Over time this process can significantly improve your blood circulation. It also induces mild electrical changes around and within the blood cells that increases the oxygen pressure, activating and regenerating cells. Regular use of PEMF significantly improves circulation in you legs and arms.

Integrating essential elements into your cells necessary to detoxify, rebuild, and restore.