Center For Bioenergetic Integration

Integrating essential elements into your cells necessary to detoxify, rebuild, and restore.

********Now accepting credit cards!!!********


Rate = $125/hr

Packages: 6 sessions/$600, 12 Sessions/$1100 if purchased at first visit

I typically recommended 6-8 sessions to begin, one-two sessions/wk, depending on the extent of the injury and pain. I also consider whether your injury or pain is chronic or acute. I will prorate for 30 min sessions, although most people benefit from hour long sessions. Discounted packages are available to those in financial need. Please discuss with me before we begin your sessions.




Initial consultation = $250

First consultation take approximately 1-2 hours. I take a complete history, review of systems, and discuss all your symptoms on the mental, emotional, and physical levels. This is a very comprehensive session.

Follow-up appts = $80/30min, $160/60min

A follow will take place 6-8 weeks after taking a homeopathic remedy. The length of a follow up is determined by the patients need to discuss symptoms.

Schedule an appointment by contacting me

I accept credit cards, cash, or personal checks

Cell: 917-526-1580

I have office hours at

188 Lake Ave, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866

on Tuesdays 8am-5 pm


Appointments can be made to be seen on certain evenings during the week and weekends. Please discuss possible times that are available.